Sick chickens?


Oct 14, 2018
A few weeks ago (around four) I got some ISA Brown's they were acting fine until one of them died, and another one. They have runny stool and i understand thats not normal for chickens, and right now we have another one that is turning skinny. They have a clean coup, plenty of fresh water and open feeding all the time, we throw scratch for them and we make sure they stay warm. We have treated them for coccidiosis and the treatment did not do much so we asked a vet what they think and they said possible worms, so we are treating them for worms. Oh and they get mealworms every now and then. Im am just scared to half to death for another chicken to die, I love and spoil my chickens and it breaks my heart. We are hoping for the best for these hens. we also have some older chickens that we are afraid will also get sick. Any advice at all, could it be lack of protein or to much stress because they do have a large coop and alot of sticks to climb up on.
What do you feed besides scratch? They need a balanced feed with 16 to 20 percent protein depending on their age. Layer feed if they are laying age, grower or flock raiser if they are younger. What medicines did you worm and treat for coccidiosis with?
they get open feeding of chicken food and sometimes chick food for protien. we treated coccidios with corid and the worms with panacur, also we tried layer feed we did not see any difference. A few are laying aswell.
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All I would,advise you to do is that if another dies, get a necropsy by your state vet. When chickens move from one area to another they can become stressed, and can get a strain of coccidia they are not used to or which that have built up a tolerance to. ISA’s are great layers, so they may also have egg laying problems sometimes such as egg binding. Mareks is another disease that new chickens can bring in, so just to protect your other chickens, get a necropsy if another dies. Sorry for your loss. Here is a good link with contact info for most state vets and poultry labs:
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Sadly we do not have a vet near us... will my older chickens get this mareks sickness because my hens and roosters have been with them alot!

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