Sick chicks

Amy Jo

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Apr 25, 2015
I have two turkens that are off and on laying down on side, stretching out one leg and twitching a lot, get up, lay down, roll on side, fling up bedding all around (like trying to get comfortable), crawling to water/food and repeating. Sometimes twitches head.

Can anyone help? This is my first time raising chicks (and 3 ducklings).
Welcome to BYC! Congrats on your first brood.

Sounds like normal chick behavior to me.

I would worry only if they stop eating, drinking, become lethargic, or have runny or bloody poops. If they're peeping, pooping, eating, drinking, and running around (even kicking the bedding every where - prepare to change their water umpteen times a day), they're probably okay. :)

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