Sick Chook possible ruptured egg?


7 Years
Oct 29, 2012

About an hour ago I noticed one of my chickens stood on the ramp to her coop, i went out and she had her eyes shut. She is very pale on her comb and around her eyes, a bit wobbly on her feet and very quiet compared to normal. She had been pale a few weeks ago at the same time i noticed a few red mites on the ends of the perches but after treating the coop and chickens the ends of her comb were getting back to normal. I have been cleaning the coop and run with barrier red mite solution and dusting with powder aswell as spraying the hens with the barrier stuff and now i can't see any sign of mites but will continue weekly for a few more weeks just to be sure. They are all currently being wormed with flubenvet, they had only been wormed about a month ago but i noticed a few doing a sort of gaping action, i spoke to the vet and he said to worm again, tomorrow will be the last day of a seven day course.

Due to the red mites they have been having a small amount of cooked meat and some meal worms every few days to make sure their iron level isn't down, they have layers pellets on tap and a sprinkle of mixed corn in the afternoon.

I have brought her inside to try and keep her warm, she's eaten a few scraps of meat, i'm going to put some pellets in aswell. I don't normally feed treats, is there anything i can try that might be appetising for her?

Since she's been in i've noticed a small amount of watery yellow fluid that has come from her vent. Could it be a ruptured egg? Is it best to just take her to the vet and let them look or is there anything i can try for her? She's such a funny little thing normally and i hate seeing her so quiet.


Poor hen. It does sound like she may perhaps have an egg got stuck (called egg bound), and it might have ruptured. People often recommend soaking the hen in warm water to help her relax her vent muscles and help her pass any shell and membrane left in there. You may be able to aid her by gently flushing her vent using a syringe or dropper filled with a vinegar and water solution.

Another less likely possibility is ascites or problems with internal laying, but in that case she would have a belly that feels kind of like a water balloon.
Thanks for your reply,

I've booked an appointment with the vet for an hours time. She looks so poorly, I'm pretty sure it must be an egg, I can't feel anything hard though but if it has ruptured i'm guessing i might not. Her belly just feels like normal, she normally lays about 5 times a week and i've not noticed a problem before. I was unsure really because of the red mites and possible worms but i think this is separate. I really don't know what i'm doing when it comes to flushing out and things. I've only had chickens since march and never come across this before. If the vet has to flush her out i'll ask him to show me.

Thanks again.


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