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    Oct 28, 2009
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    Hello All

    I have a little Cochin hen who is not well. I noticed a couple weeks ago, that she was loosing weight. I started hand feeding her some mealworms twice a day, thinking the other hens could be picking on her and keeping her from eating.

    She is now really thin, though I have been feeding her extra. She also separates herself from the rest of the flock and is quite lethargic. I have no got her inside in a dog crate. She is also starting to have weird little twitching movements. She still eats and drinks, and preens (tho hasn't dust bathed in a while). She will scratch around with the others for a short time, but then goes off on her own and just sits there.

    Any one have any idea what might be wrong with her?? [​IMG]

    Let me know!



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