Sick Cream Legbar Pullet with a limp, please help!!!

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    Dec 12, 2012
    Hi Everyone,

    Me and my partner are first time chicken owners since September. We have 4 lovely girls but our little one June, Cream Legbar, has a limp in her left leg. I have done lots of reading on what do and so has my partner. We don't think it's bumblefoot as there does not appear to be any sign of it on the foot but she refuses to walk on it and stays very still. She seems recluctant to eat or move.
    We have brought her into the house today and put her in a cosy box with water and food to restrict movement hoping this will help.She also has a hot water bottle near by for heat to avoid her going into shock hopefully and hopefully this will get her eating and drinking. We are finding it really hard to get her to drink!!

    I'm worried to what the cause of this problem is and if anyone has any advice if I can determine if it's a sprain or if it's broken? or anything else? I can't notice any other problems other than the fact her wattle isn't fully developed like the others, she still seems a baby. they were 14 weeks when we got them so she isn't that old but she seems under developed compared to the rest of them. We were warned she would be a slow developer but has anyone else had this trouble with their legbar???

    My next move is to bathe the foot in epsom salts and possibly strap it up but does anyone think this will help? We really want her to make it! We can't afford to take her to the vets right now and our vets aren't chicken savvy anyway! So I really don't think it would help.

    If anyone could advice on anything I can do for my little June, I would be grateful. Whether it be best ways to strap up her leg, good foods to feed her, medicene, bathing or literally ANYTHING that will help. Very worried for her.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Can you make a picture of both of her feet? How old is she? Is there any change in her eating/drinking habits and any change in her leavings?

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