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    Jul 6, 2013
    i have a 6 month old cuckoo hen. i let her out of the coop this morning and she was normal, i let her out to free range this afternoon and she was normal, but this evening she started acting strange. she was standing on the roost like always but she was falling asleep. it almost looked like she was collapsing. i brought her inside and shes not eating and shes sleeping a lot. she hasnt started laying yet and not much around her has changed. i had a sick chicken last week but she was acting very different. it doesnt look like the same thing. i accidently gave them potato peels today and i heard that was bad for them so could that be it? my mom thought she could be egg bound with her first egg so i gave her a warm bath and massaged her and it seemed to calm her. she is also not walking or moving much and she is very very warm. her face is red but her comb is a little pale. shes just dead weight when people hold her and when she stands she keeps her wings held out like she does when its hot outside. she did poop since shes been inside but it was just water and some white stuff (tmi, sorry) anyone know what it could be? or how to fix her? im very worried. thanks
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    Potato peels will make chickens sick, I'm not sure if this is what you're dealing with though.

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