Sick D'Anver chick


12 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Canyon, TX
I have a 2 week old D'Anver x Silkie chick that is very sick. He was fine yesterday and today he can't walk. The same thing happened to another clutch of D'Anver X Cochin that are a month older. One morning one could not use his legs. He was bright and alert and would eat and drink if placed in front of him. We euthanized him the next day--I was thinking trauma since he was normal in other aspects. Now, I think it is something else. This chick is acting sick. They (there is only one other one) are under a hen out in the coop and eating medicated chick mash once a day and anything else they can find.

The other batch was raised in a brooder and started with 6. Four of the remaining 5 are healthy and one is "unthrifty" and much smaller. And they did not get medicated feed.

Can anyone please give me an idea of what it might be? No one else in my flock of 20 adults, 20 juveniles and these babies appear to be sick.

Here is a link to the video on youtube

If I have to have this one euthanized, I am going to have it necropsied to find out what is going one.

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