Sick duck. It's happened again!


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Nov 2, 2015

So sadly I've noticed that my pet duck has gotten ill again.
I noticed that yesterday she was sitting down in an unusual location and completely uninterested in food, seeming low in energy and lethargic. I have encountered this exact problem about a month and a half back, where she made a full recovery after around a week without eating.

So similar to the last incident, she has been laying, she laid for about 11 days with one egg per day and seemed healthy. The weather changed and it began raining and she got sick yesterday. She laid an egg this morning however. This being said, today i took her inside the house and out of the rain and immediately gave her the charcoal flush, and will give her some slightly salty water to replenish electrolytes.

This time however i noticed something different. Her poop seems to have a slightly reddish tinge to it which i'm concerned is blood. I'll attach a photo.

Last time i came here you guys helped out so much i'm so grateful! If anyone has experience or advice, i would gladly take it on board.

Finally a question about the charcoal flush, i created the mixture and it's in a container which is her drinking water. How long do i leave it there for?

Thank you so much, i appreciate this.

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