Sick Duck with cough/ cant tell how to know if hes responding to his medicine!! :(

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    Hopefully someone can help, My 4 1/2 year old 6lb. male white Pekin duck Marley who lives inside with us and has a diaper, has had a cough for about 3 weeks now getting worse each day, 8 days ago it got to the point where he was having trouble breathing and stopped taking his grain food, only wanting soft cooked food and was acting very sleepy and quite and when he talks its uncomfortable and hard for him to do, and I knew i had to take him to the vet (not the one who he usually sees (she was and still is out of town) :( On the way to the new vet he threw up and I was hoping that if something was lodged in his throat it would have come up..(it was thick mucus) so at the vet the dr. said he probably got whatever it was out (i was doubtful) and said he would just need an antibiotic. He prescribed "BAYTRILL" in a cherry syrup liquid flavor, and wanted me to give Marley 2.5 mls once a day for 7 days. The 7 days is now up and he is still not back to normal 100% the only difference's i'm noticing now are that he will wash himself more (not like usual tho), and he is finally preening when out of the tub and talking a whole lot more. still no hard food tho, and voice is still very different than when hes 100% healthy . I got online and am very upset about all the things im reading.(worms, fungi infection, respiratory failure) :( I would love any advice,
    Was this medication appropriate for my duck? ... does he need more?
    Did this vet do his job properly?? ....should he have been tested in some way? Or do i just wait?
    should I be doing something/anything else? Sorry for panicing, I just have got myself so distressed over this he is my baby and I will do anything possible to help comfort him!! Thank you so much for your time!!!
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    Medicine is a practice that can be really - well - difficult, with all the microbes and conditions that can cause illness. Since I am not a vet, I can only share my thoughts with you.



    Now some thoughts. Could be multiple infections, bacterial as well as fungal, so I would see if you can get the vet to run some tests. For example, could they swab his throat and culture for fungi as well as bacteria? Fecal test for worms?

    Have you tried any home remedies?

    I'll be turning in soon, but please post a response and I will get it when I can. Been a little under the weather myself lately, but I will do what I can.
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