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    Looking for some advice for my duck.
    She hatched in August of last year and has been laying for the last month or two.

    I went out to feed the flock this morning and 4 out of 5 ducks were up moving around and happy to see me, but this girl was laying flat on the ground with her legs straight back, getting covered by snow.
    I wrapped her in a towel and brought her inside. I would take her to a vet, but we had a blizzard (Colorado!) and are unable to take her anywhere.

    I gave her a warm bath. She floated mostly normally, tilting a little to the right.
    She drank lots of water, but still hasn't gone poop and it's been several hours, which to me is unheard of for a duck.
    I palated her for an egg and felt nothing.
    She is able to move her head and drink the water I put in front of her, but she won't eat, even the peas and that's her favorite. She tried to move once when the cat came to sniff her, but it was a couple of inches and she dragged herself by her wings.

    Unfortuntely I don't have an Epsom salt, I will try to make it to a store in the morning weather permitting.

    I had some 'save a chick' electrolyte mix that I use for my hatches that she is getting now.

    What else can I do for her?!
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    Botulism is common in ducks and causes paralysis of one or both legs or wings or the neck. But it occurs more often in warm weather when they swim in ponds and streams. Dehydration or a crop problem causing that might be a possibility. The electrolyte and vitamin solution is very good. An injury could have happened affecting her legs. Egg binding can sometimes cause a temporary paralysis. Can you check inside her vent with a finger (wear a disposable glove) to feel for a stuck egg? I would keep her penned or in a crate to make sure that she can get to food and water. If you also post on the duck forum you might get better advice here:
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    The electolytes are good. If you have a crop tube feed her from that. Keep her inside to stay warm and give her plenty of rest. I would recommend looking for soft-shell or no-shell eggs because that could be a sign of egg binding or egg yolk peritonitis in that case baytrill might help but has a side affect of sterility.

    Good luck! Let us know how you get on [​IMG]

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