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8 Years
Apr 9, 2013
Hello I have a Blue Swedish female duck. She has not been able to stand up for about 3 days. I read an older thread from 2013 which suggested to treat for parasites, give nutridrench and tylan for infection. my duck is panting and her beak is very hot. is there anything I can give if she has a fever? Also how do I get worming medication in her if she wont drink water I put it in? also need to know itramuscular injection site for ducks.
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Thank you for replying. We injected into the thigh. It went well. She has started drinking the water also with nutridrench and vet rx and aspirin in it and I am pretty sure she got enough wormer also so we will see what the morning brings. She was still panting when I left her for the night. hopefully it will subside. still not walking though. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
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her fever is gone. She seems to be trying to hop a little when I take her out of the cage. when I put her in water she stretches out her neck and stretches her tail up at the same time intermittently.
Amiga any ideas about why she isnt able to walk? no broken bones, no egg. On tylan and wormed. On electrolytes, probiotics and nutridrench.
I am wondering if she has a back injury. Remember, ducks can recover from awful injuries - so don't see this as necessarily insurmountable.

The fact that she's acting like she wants someone to mount her, perhaps (just based on your description) makes me consider a hormone imbalance.

Just thinking out loud, but I would try some gentle massage. Just pet her back, from the shoulders to the tail. I do this for ducks who are having egg difficulties - get them in a tub of lukewarm water, and while they float, just lightly pet their backs. This means usually that they swim against the direction I am petting them, and so it gives them a little exercise as well. I think it improves circulation. And touch can be healing. There are horse people who bring in someone trained in Reiki or massage when their horses are injured. It might work for something like this.

And though we cannot always know . . . please try to think back - what changed? Even something seemingly unrelated may hold a clue.

Could she have been bitten, or stung?

There can be infections that get into the spinal fluid. There can be toxins in the environment . . . has anyone been spraying around your place - your neighbors?

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