sick duck


11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
We just got two Khaki Campbell ducks and a drake. No idea how old except that they are laying. This morning one of the ducks was outside and having a great deal of trouble walking. We put all three in their pond, ensured she was drinking, and she seemed to enjoy that but got out and is still staggering. She is inside at the moment not looking at all well. Anyone have any idea what is wrong or what we can do for her? The others seem fine.

We've never had ducks before but do have quite a bit of experience with chickens (although we don't have any at present).
She maybe lacking certain vitamins. Maybe give her some water with some supplement in it. Ducks need more niacin then chickens, make sure she is getting DUCK PELLETS, that will help. I'll bump your post , hopefully someone else can help.

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