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Apr 19, 2012
All of my ducks have been brought in as babies. I have not introduced anything into my flock of chickens or ducks that were not babies. I have ducks that have their own duck run and house and have been doing great. They are around 5 months old. Today one of my hens was laying in her nesting box not acting right. Tonight I went out to lock them in and she was outside in the run, but standing off by herself. I walked up to her and picked her up, she didn't quack, her eyes were dry, no unusual discharge from anywhere, and her bottom was dry. I put her over by the water and she drank then went inside and layed down.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? They have been such healthy happy little ducks since I got them. The only thing that has changed is I got rid of 5 younger ones this weekend, do you think the stress of catching the 5 could cause her to be ill?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks you.
Could she have gotten into anything toxic?

Has she been given Niacin Supplements?
What are Niacin tablets? She might have gotten into moldy corn or rotten pumpkins.
Niacin is a vitamin that plays a important role in leg health. Some ducks are more sensitive than others to low levels of it.
If she may have gotten into something nasty, I would put powdered activated charcoal (not briquettes, but the nutritional supplement you can get at drugstores or some superstore grocery stores). About a teaspoon per cup of water. It absorbs toxins.

I agree she may be beginning to show niacin deficiency, so 100 to 150 mg of niacin (empty a capsule into water) in a gallon of water for 8 to 10 weeks.

Also do not get the no-flush or timed release or specialty niacin. Just plain niacin capsules.
I went out this morning and the duck was dead. Still no signs of diahrrea or sickness. I am really thinking she had to of gotten into something.
wet feed will go bad quickly and can cause illness or kill

rotten pumpkins or other vegetation can do the same thing as well as wild mushrooms sprouting up.

If she got into it, I would worry about the others having gotten into it as well.

These are all various flushes used to help remove toxins:

As mentioned above there could have also been a Niacin issue.

What diet are you feeding the ducks?

Sorry you lost the one, lets keep the rest healthy now. Be sure to remove the bad corn and pumpkins.
Usually they are free range, however I am going to keep them penned up for awhile. I feed them flock raiser and hen pellets. I also feed them cracked corn, which is where I think they may have gotten the moldy. I am going to start feeding them distillers grain, cracked corn, and oatmeal. A long with some other things. This hen was always a smaller one too.

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