Sick Duckling. HELP!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Newmommaof6, Apr 2, 2017.

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    Apr 2, 2017
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    I recently bought 6 ducklets from tsc and the chick that worked there told me the food we had for our chickens was fine to feed our ducks because it was crumb. So ive been feeding them layer not knowing it made them sick and my tiniest duckling wasnt walking earlier so i went on a search, found out layer was bad, and ive had him chillen on my electric blanket for a couple hours. It seems to make him feel better. He started walkin around, peeping, and pooped twice, and drank water. So i thought hed be good to go back with the others (i took the food out, gunna get better food tomorrow morning) . Well the others wont let him drink from the bowl and it almost seemed like they were shoving him around . I dont want them to squish him cuz it already happened to our other tiny one and he passed. I dont want to burry another one so i brought him back on the bed with me but now he wont drink at all but hes napping and breathing funny. I dont know what to do but stay up all night to watch him. Should i seperate them from him? Help?
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    Okay, so is there one other duckling that is nice to him you could keep him with overnight so he isnt alone?
    Can you put a couple water bowls so they cant keep him from all of them?
    What are you feeding them for the night?
    I am not sure how old they are but ducklings need feed available at all times untill they are like 6-8 weeks old.
    Can you feed them some oatmeal? Peas? Mealworms? Grass. lettuce...

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