Sick duckling!!! really worried and dont know what to do

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    My duckling is 1 month old. When i came home today i gave her a bath and noticed she wasnt acting right. I dried her off and set her down. She feel right over and is having trouble standing. She seems really weak and really tired. When i ever i pick her up she just lays right back down and tried to sleep. Cant even walk that much and when she does stand she spreads her legs till she fall down. Also having trouble keeping her had up. I do not know what is wrong or what to do for her. I gave her some surgar water to try and perk her up but its not working. What can i do?
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    Apr 28, 2011
    You can maybe try a vet but I dont know. How was she acting before you left? Does her feet look puffy and inflamed? Keep us posted.

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