Sick duckling with breathing/respiratory issues!


Mar 26, 2020
I recently bought two mallard ducklings. I’ve had two before and wanted to add these two to my flock. These ducklings are a week old. A couple days ago one of the ducklings started opening and closing/breathing through its mouth constantly and hasn’t stopped since. One minute it’ll breathe hard with its mouth open and the next it won’t be as bad. When it breathes, its whole underside moves. It recently started making a squeaky toy noise as it breathes but that is off and on but loud when it does it. It’s eating, drinking, and pooping like normal and being active and social with the other duckling. It’s been sneezing some. I haven’t seen it sleeping and I think it’s due to this. It doesn’t seem to be growing and if it is, its very slow. The other is now much bigger and growing super fast. I’ve read up on similar symptoms and tried using Vick’s under its wings, and small doses of apple cider vinegar in its water. It’ll seem like it’s getting better then it’ll go back to doing all this. I inserted a picture but it doesn’t show the size difference well. If anyone knows what this could possibly be or what I can do to help it get better, I’d really appreciate your help!


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