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    May 2, 2009
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    I received a shipment of 30 ducklings on Friday; 2 were DOA, one died when I opened the box, and one died Friday night. The others all looked well and have been eating, drinking, etc. As I've posted elsewhere, the remaining ducklings and the turkey/chicken cousins (all 6 days old) have been outside yesterday and today and doing really well. I was just out sitting with them and noticed one wasn't quite up to snuff. I picked it up and it's neck is swollen on one side, quite low down. It feels like fluid and is squishy, not hard. The duckling is drinking normally but isn't as quick as it's compatriots. I noticed it had a red spot on it's neck this a.m., not blood, but the feathers were thinner and it looked red. My 7 yr old DD even swelling at that time. Now it's swollen....I hate to lose anymore! Does anyone have any ideas? Bug bite? Is there something I can do?

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    Ok duckers out there......I don't know this one and no one has replied so this needs to get bumped up again.

    Good Luck! Sorry I can't help.[​IMG]
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    How is your duckie doing? I hope another ducker will see this post and reply.....
    If you can update the title. Put something like, "duckling with swollen red neck Help! Please!"
    Good Luck Again.

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