Sick/Dying, Worms?


9 Years
Feb 4, 2013
East TN
I believe my roosters have worms. I have found on here that you can give them valbazen, which I already have. However, I do not want to catch almost 100 roosters we were planning on slaughtering Saturday and orally give them valbazen. There must be another way but I could not find it. I have the liquid valbazen and says "Alendazole....11.36%". Can I put this in the water? Also, there is a withdrawl time for our goats but what about the chickens? As I said we planned on moving them to the freezer Sat. How long should I wait?
The stool is slightly bloody on some with worms. I have dealt with cocci and I am sure this is not it. Besides, all the chickens were treated.
There's a 14 day withdrawal with valbazen. I wouldnt bother worming your roosters since you're going to slaughter them. The worms will be located in the digestive tract/guts which you'll most likely discard anyway.
Oh good. That was a big worry with me. In that case, I will slaughter them on schedule. However, I do have more hens that I will be keeping. What can I do for them as they probably have worms as well? Also, as I said I have dealt with cocci, is there any reason not to eat one with cocci?

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