Sick from weather change??


Oct 8, 2018
Hi all,

I have several two month old birds that got moved into my coop/run when it was warm out 70-80 degrees, with the nights dropping into the low 24 hours the temperature went from 45 the next day and several of them now are sneezing and have runny noses...I am on day 3 of using tylan 50..I have seen a small amount of relief, but still plenty of sneezes to have me concerned...

I have to heat lamps on in my coop and they are also getting electrolytes in their water daily... can someone give me any suggestions or advice...

Also, I am hopeful that the tylan 50 works...but what do i do if it doesn't?

Thank you so much everyone!
Two heat lamps?
I don't think a two month old bird needs added heat at only 45F.

What bedding are you using in your coop?
Could it be dusty?
My coop is 40 square feet so it’s pretty large for the birds so I have one at each’s been dipping into the 30s at night. I’m using pine shavings, deep liter method, not really much for dust in there though, and I didn’t think that would cause their noses to be a little runny?
I actually originally didn’t have them and they kept piling onto each other and started sneezing and runny noses and that’s when I added the heat.. new to chickens so all I know to do is what I have been reading..

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