Sick Gosling!


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Aug 11, 2008
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One of my goslings, only about a week and a half old, I went to check on them this morning and one was laying on it's back, legs splayed open. I turned it upright, it seemed to be able to get around ok, although with it's legs a little far apart walking. I did noticed redness around one of its eyes. I left it for a few minutes, and when I came back, it was back on its back...unable to turn itself over. In the book I have the only thing this resembles is Brooder Pneumonia, because of the redness around the eyes, but it doesn't appear to be gasping or having a hard time breathing or anything along those lines. Any suggestions at all here? I don't want to loose the gosling I if don't have to, but at the same time my book says to remove it to keep it from spreading if it is brooder pneumonia!
I checked again...he does appear to have labored breathing a little bit, so I went ahead and separated him from the others. I feel horrible, because now he is making all kinds of noise, and if that is what is wrong with him, he's pretty much done for.
I don't know much about Goslings but I am sure its better to remove this bird than have them all sick and it is probably safer for it anyway ,hope it gets well.
Well, I did some research. For one, the disease is from a mold or fungus, and grows especially well in cool damp places...much like my basement where I've been keeping the geese and ducks in a brooder setup. I also had them on straw...which if it gets wet can grow molds and fungus...which....geese and ducks tend to get things wet....also....I happened to dig into my chick starter....there is mold in the starter, so I bought a new bag, from the same place....mold in it too. I am on my way there to let them know the situation..Luckily it's been warm here all day, so I put all of them outdoors. They have loved it very much, and the one that was unwell is acting much much better. I also checked, the disease is not contagious, but the others could catch it from the same source as the first, so I am rearranging and moving them out to the barn. Hopefully this well change the direction of some new feed.

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