Sick GSL hen, need advice

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    Yesterday morning when feeding the chickens I noticed one GSL hen just stood with her eyes closed and didn't want to move. I picked her up and she didn't even resist. Her vent had some pale white stuff but her feathers were pretty much clean. Anyway, I brought her into the house and put her in the bath tub on puppy pee pads so I could keep an eye on her. Her poop was yellow with some white streaks (not white like worms though). Wish I had taken a picture but things are hectic here right now with husband in the hospital, baby chicks to take care off and now a sick hen. She laid an egg in the tub sometime in the evening while I was at the hospital. Still not eating or drinking. This morning I found she had laid another egg during the night. See picture of soft shelled egg with her poop beside it. What's wrong with her, any ideas?
    She laid two eggs within 12 hours and I know that's not normal.
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    The poop looked like this picture but it's very cold here not hot weather like the example this picture was taken from Chicken Chick's site.
    Last week we had so much rain my yard looked like a lake.
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    If she were mine I would bring her inside, weigh her and tube fluids at 15ml per pound and repeat in 60-90 minutes if her crop cleared. Then I would give her some calcium orally at 100mg per pound. While inside, I would keep her in a warm room, and if I thought she had more eggs, I'd fill my bathroom with steam and leave her in there for several hours. I'd probably also de-worm, and maybe start an antibiotic.

    Can you take her to a vet?

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    I had to go out of town today but before I left when I checked on her in our bath tub she was active, eyes open and resisted my picking her up unlike yesterday. So, I put her outside and she was eating with the other. It was dark when I got home but will check first thing in the morning on her.

    Yes, we have a vet here in our small town but I'm not sure she treats chickens. I'll update her condition tomorrow. Oh, I ordered the Metronidazole (500 mg) from Jeffers.
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    Well, she's up running around and eating like nothing was wrong. The only thing I did to her besides bringing her inside for two days was something I read on another site. I warmed up 1 oz. of water and added 1 teaspoon of epsom salt. Using a small needless syringe I put some down her throat. After that she perked up but I'm still keeping a close eye on her.

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