Sick hen, brought in from the cold

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    Nov 9, 2015
    I have a hen that was acting off, she was fluffed up in the corner not acting like the other chickens. The other hens started picking on her before I could get her out of the coop and she ended up getting pretty torn up on her back. So now she's in a kennel in our heated garage and seems to be recovering nicely. I'm thinking she was originally chilled but chickens are mean and nasty to each other when one is sick. It's in the 20's here and I wondering how to get her back in the coop without freezing since she's going to be well acclimated to the nice cozy warm garage. Suggestions are greatly appreciated since I do not want a chicken living in my garage all winter. [​IMG]
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    Jun 23, 2015
    So glad you could help her out. But yes, keeping a chicken in a garage all winter would be a lot of work. LOL. [​IMG]

    Are the days warmer than the nights? If so, you can go out with her, after feeding her a lot of food (corn will provide heat while being digested). You can try putting up a heat light under her favorite perch or above a cage. Remember, if the other hens have been separate from her they may attack her. Putting her in a crate with a heat-pad or heat-light for a few days will both help her adjust and let them get use to her again.

    Best of luck!

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