sick hen just hangs head with eyes closed. Green poop Please help

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    Oct 13, 2009
    Salem, Oregon
    I have a hen(Salmon Favorelle) that is about 7 months old and the last two days she just hangs her head down with her eyes closed. I don't see any mucus around the eyes . She is not taking feed and i guess water. Today I gave her Privosol baby vitamins, two drop and tried to give her some yogurt. I think I got a little yogurt in her beak. I sniffed around her beak, but didn't pick up any strange smell. When she pooped it had a little whitish color, but mostly green and runny. This is at least the second day I noticed these symptoms.
    I also have a white leghorn I picked up a few weeks ago and it has a cough, sounds like a bird chirp and she shakes her head. From this forum I started giving all my chickens some vitamins and a mash with yogurt hoping this might help. I mention this in case this may also have something to do with the above hen, Favorelle.

    If any one has any ideas what i should do please let me know asap. I love these little hens. Thanks

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