Sick Hen Need Input!


13 Years
Mar 26, 2010
One of my 6 golden comets (2 yrs old) is sick....... They are molting, so they all look sad but she seems to be sneezing or coughing. She looks really weak although she is eating and drinking. I let them free range while I clean their coop and she wants to lay down in the yard and seems disoriented. From my search here, I'm thinking her problem may be respiratory. What drug should I use?
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Molting is hard on chickens. My one hen just recently went through a hard molt. She was staggering couldn't walk straight. I knew it was from the molt because she was fine otherwise. She was off balance because she lost so many feathers. She had no feathers on her wings whatsoever. She's fine now and back to normal. If she's eating and drinking alright I wouldn't rush in to giving her any drugs. She's probably laying down because she is weak. Give her some protein, a little canned tuna, or some scrambled eggs I also gave mine some BOSS. I notice that alot of people rush to the antibotics which can do more harm than good if there not needed. You may want to separate her so you can keep an eye on her.
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Thanks OregonChickenGal ! This is their (our) first molt so I really don't know what is considered normal during molting. This particular hen is going through a heavy molt apparently. She has lost a lot more feathers than the other 5........

Before they started molting!


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