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Jun 29, 2011
Northern WI
My leghorn girl is aick and I haven't a clue to what's wrong. She's been like this for a few weeks. We have no vets in the area that handle xhickens so I can't take her anywhere. I've been reading and searching but have found nothing. I've posted a picture. She is eating and drinking. She still goes out and scratches. But she stops to take breaks and "rests". Yesterday while running into the coop she stopped dead in her tracks to sit and take a break. She also has runny poops. Any ideas?
How is the hen and what symptoms is she displaying right now? Do not place her back in the coop with the others. Remover her and place her in a box / Rubbermaid container etc. in a warm, quiet area. Monitor her behavior, eating habits, and bowel movements. Is she responsive? Can she stand? Is she "fluffed up"? Is her tail down? Are her eyes and nostrils clear of mucous/drainage? Is her abdomen swollen? Is her breathing raspy? quiet?
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