Sick hen? or not?


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5 Years
May 21, 2014
Hello! About 2 weeks ago I noticed my RIR hen acting strangely she was hanging out in the run during free range time, standing in the corner with her mouth open fairly unresponsive to me she also had pretty gross diarrhea very liquid (yuk!). I separated her from my other hens right away and cleaned the hen house/run/food/water. She was eating and drinking occasionally but she kept that mouth open and kept standing in the corner like a zombie the whole rest of the day. I decided I would take her to the vet in the morning but when I went out to check on her she seemed fine. I kept her confined from the others for 4 more days. All 4 days she seemed to be back to her old self so I let her return to the others. That was about 10 days ago and she has been just fine so my question is... what could have brought that on? Could it have been something she ate? or maybe maybe a bee sting? I removed a yellow jacket nest from the back of the coop that day and there were a few angry bees about. Also I noticed one of the other hens picking on her a bit could that cause her to be so upset she got sick? Just trying to figure out what happened! Glad she is her old self again but I have been keeping a close eye on the flock.
I might also add that her left eye looked a little droopy like she was falling to sleep.

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