Sick Hen--please advise!


10 Years
May 2, 2009
Northwoods of Wisconsin
My 2 year old RIR, Big Mama (she is the smallest of my RIR's) is part of a mixed bag of laying hens--suddenly today she is standing stock still in the corner of the yard, I picked her up--and she has those patchy weird post-molt feather growth, but she also has BRIGHT red skin on her belly and a little around her vent. No bleeding noted anywhere. Her belly is spongy and doesn't seem to be painful when I palpate it gently. There is a small amount of scattered "scale" at the base of some of her feathers--like at one time her skin was weeping??!!

Help! What should I do for her? No one else is sick, no changes in their food--they eat layena, have fresh water happily delivered to them twice a day, get to free range (but haven't for the last week because they kept digging up my flower pots on the front porch!). Nothing new, that I can think of.

What do you suggest I do for her? I took her out of the yard and let her hang out in the yard, and intially she was eating grass and poking around, but soon, just standing there.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

so, i just went out to see how she was--and there wasn't much change, but she had some foamy yellow stuff coming from her vent when I startled her and picked her up---I palpated her belly again and now I think it's distended and when I pushed, I could get some more foamy/bubbly yellow/clear stuff from her vent and then some poop.

She is just standing there when I am not messing with her. Comb is beautiful red, as are wattles.
I just put her in a warm tub of water for 25 minutes--she seemed to love it--relaxed yet continued the rhythmic contractions.......I took her out, and based on advice from another website, tuck a well lubed gloved finger into her vent. I didn't feel anything, so I didn't mess around too much--I put her on the back porch with a mashed up hard boiled egg to eat and she took two bites and otherwise is just standing there in the sun. Same contractions going.........

You think she 's sick or just having a hard time? I don't know what to think? She seems very focused

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