Sick Hen - please help!


Apr 17, 2015
Hoping for some suggestions! My Americana hen was displaying symptoms of being egg bound Sunday morning. Listless, tail tucked, feathers ruffled, laying down. Not eating or drinking. My husband and I are newish chickens owners but finally got the guts to put on gloves and check for an egg. Nothing. No egg, no signs of shell. She was however passing yellow feces. We soaked her in a hot bath twice, which at least seemed to make her ore comfortable.

Monday, same symptoms. We find a vet and take her in to be seen. She gets fluids, a painkiller and shot of calcium. Vet says an egg could have ruptured further up, which would cause an infection and probably death within a few days. Also mentioned marek but none of our other chickens are affected and they are already a year and a half old. Lastly she said it could be egg peritonitis, again not a good outcome.

She's on antibiotics for the next 10 days. Today she is still not 100% but she is eating and drinking however this evening she is now limping to the point of hobbling. She wanders around and then lays down for extended periods of time. She is not exhibiting the original symptoms of ruffled feathers, listless, etc.

Any thoughts as to what is going on?!? Is there something I can give her for the pain???


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How old is she? Bright yellow droppings can be a sign of E.coli infection, which can be common in egg yolk peritonitis. EYP can cause a variey of symptoms, from weight loss, problems walking, lack of appetite, infrequent laying, passing of egg like material in droppings, and may have fluid or a full belly. I would put some vitamins in her water in case of a vitamin deficiency. What antibiotic is she on?

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