sick hen please help

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    my hen is all puffed up and is not wanting to move at all. I offered her water and she didnt want to drink but I got her to drink a little bit. she will not eat ether. she was fine a couple of days ago but now from the blow zero weather she is going down fast. I didnt realize that she lost some weight till now. she seems to have a hard time breathing. what do you think I should do. she hasnt pooped since i brought her in the house but she has only been in for a little bit. i put her in a box with a towel and put her in a quiet spot.
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    I think that she might have either a:

    1. Crop infection-- if she's young it can be treated, if she's an older hen, make her as comfortable as you possibly can

    2. A heart problem-- especially if she looks wide/fat at the back, it can be treated for all ages of chicken, although she will live about 1 year before her heart can't take it anymore

    3. Egg peritonitis-- where the egg falls into her gut, instead of out her... You know... If caught soon she will make a full recovery with antibiotics and surgery.
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    Sick birds need a warm room. I keep mine at 80-85 degrees.


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