Sick hen- please help!

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May 1, 2015
One of my girls has been very lethargic over the past two days. She also has poop all over her bottom and is drooling. I noticed she has not been eating or drinking much either. Any suggestions on what it might be or what I can do to help her? Thank you!
Does she free range or in an enclosed run? I had 2 hens that ate a poisonous plant and had similar symptoms.
Welcome to BYC. How does her crop feel--full and puffy, hard, or empty? Is she having diarrhea, and what does it look like? How old is she? Have you wormed the flock lately, and what with? Is she laying eggs any more? Can you feel any blockage in her abdomen? If she is under 5 months old she could possibly have coccidiosis, and Corid (amprollium) is the best treatment for it.

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