Sick Hen?? Please help!!!


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6 Years
Dec 3, 2013
My EE seems to be sick :( She's not acting normal - she walks suuuper slowly and just generally is SLOW. She like lets me pet her and stuff (she usually doesn't really) and doesn't run... at all. She is usually very lively and energetic... I'm really nervous about her! Any advice??
More information is needed to help. How old is she, is she laying eggs, is she eating and drinking, is she sneezing or coughing, and is she having any diarrhea or blood in her poop?
She's about a year old, she has not been sneezing or coughing, I believe she is still laying eggs, not sure if she's eating or not, but she's drinking. And I'm not sure I'd she's had diahhrea or bloody poop... Does that help? Thanks :)
If you have a local vet who would examine a sample of her droppings, I would have her tested for worms, coccidia, and bacteria that may cause enteritis. If you cannot do that, then I would treat her for possible worms with Valbazen or SafeGuard liquid goat wormer.

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