Sick hen - trying to diagnose the problem

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    Jan 17, 2015
    I noticed my hen wasn't quite herself standing still, lethargic, not eating. I've isolated her and her waddle is pale, eyes pale, mucous around her nose/beak, she makes some weezy breathing sounds from time to time, she won't eat, but seems to drink enough but acts sort of delirious at times. Almost falling asleep. Her poop is part white runny, part green solid and part clumpy red material.

    She has some lice or mites on her but I don't see any sign of eggs, she does not seem infested.

    I have only had chickens for 6 months and I love Liette. I'm trying to diagnose what's wrong with her. So much conflicting info and no vet for chickens within a 5 hour radius of my house.

    Please help, someone??
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    May 3, 2014
    I found this on just ask -- I just hired a vet for my sick chickens yesterday through this site and he was great. I searched BYC first for your sypmtoms and a few posts popped up but not much info. So then I searched just answer...

    See if it will help.

    I know how you feel [​IMG] I have a flock of very sick chickens ....

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    Mites suck blood causing anemia, then death. I recommend that you dust her with sevin dust, avoid eyes and nostrils. Redust her again in 7-10 days as well as her living quarters. Give her probios or buttermilk mixed with scrambled egg to eat for several days. You can also add poultry nutri drench or sav-a-chick in her water.
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