Sick Hen- What's wrong?

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  1. jckrasch

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    Jul 12, 2015
    My two year old Delaware is not looking well. For the past couple weeks, she was lethargic in the morning and wobbled when she walked (maybe once or twice a week). Laid some soft shell eggs. When I came home this afternoon, she had already been in the nesting box. She stayed in there for 2.5 more hours until I got her out. She had diarrhea when I picked her up, then a few times afterwards (no blood, looked greenish). Feathers down the breastbone were wet. There was a red line down her breast bone. After I got her out of the nesting box, she had some sips of water then went to the coop for the night (normal time for "bed" anyway). Comb not pale. Any ideas what could be wrong with her?


    p.s. My flock of 4 hens has a bad habit of eating eggs, my makeshift rollaway nesting box has helped somewhat with the problem. But one egg gets eaten about every other day (shell, not all the liquid content).
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    Can you post pictures?
    What type of food are you feeding ?
    Are you offering oyster shell free choice?
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    Aug 22, 2012
    Could she have mites or worms.?

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