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    May 1, 2007
    Washougal, WA
    I have one of my EE hens who was laying down and not moving very far at a time, she seemed lopsided kind of... I seperated her and brought her into the kennel with her own roost and sugar water and oatmeal with evoo. She seems to be doing better, her eye area is very red and her body temp seems higher than normal. But she is alert. She did eat quite a bit of oatmeal earlier and then her poo was HUGE, the size of an egg. Geez. How graphic. Anyway, any ideas what coud be wrong? We've never had hens from chicks and now we have 19 five and six month old girls along with two four year old girls and two five month old roos. Any suggestions??

    Update 11/5 - Hen had very runny diahreah over night and this morning she's eating again (not much, but she's interested and eating a little). She keeps her tail feathers down and seems to have a hard time walking on her right leg. No other hens at this point appear to be affected.

    Any ideas??
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