Sick hen?


Jun 14, 2015
One of my hens is not acting right. She is a year old olive Egger. She has not laid in about 4 days. She does lay every other day though. She mainly sits around looking droopy. Her comb is about the same as usual. She will be the last one out of the coup, the first one in. They free range all day and she will sit under one our vehicles in the shade, particularly in the morning, instead of pecking around. She has feather loss on her belly.
I have checked to see if she is egg bound, checked for lice/mites and it's none of those. The weather is very hot and humid so must girls have slowed down with the egg laying. This one just seems off.
Can a hen be broody and not stay in the nesting box?
She was running away from the rooster several times yesterday. Could she all of a sudden be afraid of him? What else can I check her for or do for her?

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