Sick hen.

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    Hoping someone can help me out. I have a hen that looks like she's been gasping. Noticed her on Friday and isolated her from the rest of my birds. She is free range and about 3 years old. She's eating and drinking fine. Her butt has poop all over it and based on where she's at it doesn't look like she's pooped much. She's been isolated and hasn't laid an egg in all that time. I'm wondering if she's sick, egg bound, or has worms (gape worm)? It was pretty cool weather for a few days before I noticed her so I'm fairly sure it isn't heat related. She has access to a creek with water and I keep a bowl of fresh water near where I feed them. I noticed today 2 other hens that looked like they were gasping, so I'm wondering if this is a respiratory bug and its spreading.

    I went to the feed store today and got some wormer and some antibiotics. Lady at the feed store looked up the abx for the dosage and measured out a dose. Came home and looked into it myself and it looks like she gave/told me a way too small dose. I gave the hen some of the wormer and filled her bowl with some dosed water.

    This is the abx she gave me:

    This is the womer I was given:

    I plan to go out tomorrow to give her a bath to clean her bottom (we've been so busy and barely home I haven't had time yet) and see what things look like then.

    I would love/appreciate any help.

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    Welcome to BYC. There are several brands of oxytetracycline, and if you have the Durvet brand, a safe window of dosage is 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 tablespoonsful per gallon of water for 7 days. Respiratory diseases can be viral, bacterial, or fungal. They may be chronic and make carriers of all the flock for life. Runny poops can be common with respiratory infections, but alsoduring hot weather. Probiotics or a small amount of plain yogurt in the diet would be helpful for a few days after the antibiotics. Google common respiratory diseases for a good link on diseases, symptoms, and treatments from University of FL.

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