Sick hen


Nov 18, 2020
I have 1 silkie hen out of 24 that seems to always be sickly. She always has watery eyes, with a noticeable large bump in front of one of her eyes. She eats and drinks normal, but has poop on her butt. She doesn’t seem to gain weight and today I noticed her spitting out a clear mucus (large amount). I have been treating her with vet Rx with noticeable improvement to her eyes. Any idea what I am dealing with? I have contemplated putting her down since she is always sick
Do you have any pictures of her face? Watery eyes can be a sign of respiratory disease. Is there any sneeze or cough, rattly breathing, or swollen face? I read where you had fowl pox in recent months, and this could be related. Is there any yellow material inside it’s beak?

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