Sick Hen

speclked jim

8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
My 9 mont old Maran seemed to have hurt her wing or her leg a few days ago. I was a way for a few days and had someone else care for her but when I got back problem seemed to have got much worse.

She cannot really walk now and is just sits there and stumbles over if she does try to walk.
It seems like her legs can't take the weight of her body anymore.

She also streches her neck and opens her mouth a bit does this mean she is in pain.
Please help as these are my first two hens and don't know what to do.
My local garden centre keep their own hens so will go and ask them about a vet as soon as it opens this morning. Just didn't want Jim in pain through the night and was hoping that someone might know how to make her more comfortable. I have separated her and put her in a box with clean bedding in a warm house.

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