Sick hen


7 Years
Nov 10, 2012
We live in Tahoe. My son did not give the chickens water and it froze. The weather is cold. The chicken is 3 years old and did fine last year. The chicken is acting like it has bronchitis almost. What do we do. Any home type treatments no local vets to treatbit
Yay I love this question... Not because the chicken is sick but because I threw a bunch of home remedies together to help my chicken out with this and it worked. I can't garentee anything but you might as well try right?pneamonia? I will need some symptoms but for now these natural remedies won't hurt her any. Bring her in the house. Make sure she has food and water available at all times... Water should be warmed a few times a day to help her body save its energy on getting better. Garlic crushed in her water for a day it two then switched out for mint or peppermint in her water. I just used decaffeinated tea bags. Haha. Then eucalyptus oils around the cage to help with breathing. Oh and just to warn you the garlic smells horrible... But it's a great natural fungus fighter. Don't know if its fungus but if you use the garlic it's one more possibility checked off the list of many things. Could also be gape worm... Symptoms are similar so let's hope not... If you can take a Q-tip and swab the back of her throat... If stringy red stuff comes up... It's gape worm.

Hope this helps

I would also get a heat lamp for your water problem . Pls reply to tell me how your chicken is doing in a bit and if my remedies worked :)

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