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Sep 28, 2014
eastern north carolina
One of my 10 red star hens is not acting right. Just sitting around most of the day not up eatting with the others.I moved her to a small pen away from others.she was fine yesterday afternoon but not today.hope she is ok:(
Hmmm. She could have ate something a bit off, or maybe a bacterial infection, coccidiosis or just a chicken cold. Watch close for new symptoms, fingers crossed its simple and she will recover soon. Oh and check for egg binding just incase.
Have you recently de-wormed your flock ? If so what medication did you use ?

Have you treated them/inspected them for any lice/mites problems..again, if so what did you use ?

How old is the chicken that is not well ?

Is she by any chance moulting at the moment ?
I say 5 months some laying some lice or anything i can see.
Only thing they have eat is laying crumble scratch feed and a little bread and oyster shell that i know of.
Sorry read what you wrote a bit more closely... If she's egg bound you could probably feel an egg. Search it on here for some great instructions. But that's probably not it. No lice, not likely she ate anything weird, so maybe research worms, coccidiosis, and bacterial infection. But all you can do really is read and watch her closely like I said... And it could just be as simple as a cold.

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