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Oct 6, 2008
I have a small flock that forages (mostly) in my backyard. (slip through every now and then) They were hatched in May have been laying since late July. 8 hens 3 roosters (I know). Very friendly Barred Rocks, have a nice coop with wood shavings, sleep on roost boards, 5 nest boxes with straw, like to lay in my potting shed though on the extra straw. I noticed yesterday that someone had dark green runny poo. We are doing construction on the back of the barn (where the coop is) and one of the hens got shut in the coop while laying. Not sure how long. When I let her out she was panting. The window had been shut due to cold nights here. It was in the 70s, not extremely hot. This morning, not sure if same hen, was sitting on top of nest boxes head tucked in like sleeping. She is not with rest of flock. One of the others is starting a molt. Any ideas?


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Jun 20, 2008
Henry County Kentucky
Chickens dehydrate quickly, especially in increased heat. Green poo may be a result of the "stress" and the lack of water for that period of time. Chicken urine is the "whitewash" you see with the green gray poo. Don't be surprised if this sets her back some. Give her time to recoop, watch her for any other signs and symptoms that are abnormal and make sure she is eating and drinking again.


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Dec 21, 2007
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try and get her some electrolytes..
commercial mixes are best, but diluted Pedialyte will do in an emergency..
she needs them if she was panting heavily..
the electrolytes will help stabalize the oxygen/gas ratio..and help her metabolize nutrients better.

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