sick, just complaining


10 Years
Feb 28, 2009
Southern Illinois
Ended up sick just before the first of the month. Thought I was getting better but by the 15 really bad again so on Amoxicillian. (bronchitics)
Went back in on the 24, went on Azithromycin. Last night I could not breath....
Finally turned up the oxygen on my oxygen concentrator and cpap machine.
Last night and today running a fever for the first time.....just depressed over feeling sick and trying to wait until Monday to see the Dr again...........

Good news is I have some more quail...bad news is I can't get the energy to either fix our hay cart or build more quail pens...
Any chance it has turned into pnuemonia? Did they give you one of those things that you have to inhale until the little ball reaches 'X'?? That might help. I had surgery on my knee about 6 years ago, and started developing fluid on my lungs in the hospital (I was there 5 days, flat on my back). I started to develop a fever, and they gave me one of those things. It worked and I didn't get pnuemonia!!

Hope you get to feeling better, being sick sucks

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