Sick leghorn?

Sadie lee

In the Brooder
Aug 9, 2020
My white leg horn who just started laying yesterday has today laid a soft egg and a egg with out a shell she has now gone back into the coop to try and lay again it also sounds like she is crying in pain or something she was alittle hunched aswell
Do your hens have access to oyster shell as a source of calcium? If so, keep in mind that new layers sometimes lay weird eggs and it can take a little while for their system to work exactly as it should.
Yes they do but they only in the last few weeks have had access before that it was just bits of shell and sand we have around the yard
You can tell if a hen is egg bound by feeling around her butt, if there is a hard thing there it could be and egg. But if she has already laid that day she shouldn't be.
If they lay soft eggs with no shell, it normally means they lack calcium

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