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Mar 15, 2014
hi folks, were new to the chicken world, we have 8 pullets, up till last night all were doing great but when it was time for them to go to bed, 1 stayed out in the pen they all go in when it starts getting dark, had to put this one in, and then this morning she wouldn't come out just set there, got her out and out into the run, she ate a little bit and had a few freeze dried worms, and walked around, but soon started having trouble walking and just sit down i picked her up with no fuss and now have her in the house, seems to have trouble breathing and felt like she was shaking when i hold her and is just laying in a crate now
thanks for any help
she just pooed and it was rather runny and not normal looking, but other than that no discharge any were else,we have had her about a month got them from TS, as chicks not laying, i take vitals in humans but don't know how in chickens if someone could tell me how i'll give it a try
If it were my bird I would probably start by running a course of Corid since these are young birds that are outside now. I don't know if that (coccidiosis) is what's going on with your bird but I always like to at least be able to rule it out since it's lethal. She probably won't drink much if she's not feeling well, which will also contribute to dehydration, so you might need to give her the medicated water with an eyedropper several times a day the first couple days and see if she perks up and starts eating/drinking on her own. Chickens can be very hard to diagnose so sometimes you just have to start by ruling out the most common and easily treated things first. Good luck with her, hope she does ok.
got her to drink some water, will keep it going every 30 minutes or so see if that will help
good news, little girl is feeling much better, has been up walking, eating, and drinking, will keep her inside for the night just to keep an eye on her, then if she is still doing good back out with her sisters, thanks very one for the advise

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