sick over Rcom performance

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    Feb 11, 2010
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    My husband got me a Rcom Suro King bator for my birthday.....the first two months it ran beautifully!! excellent hatch rates with bought eggs

    Last month I couldn't get the humidity right....according to the Rcom the humidity was like 82%...put a dehumidifier in the room and everything...never could get the humidity down. Finally, I placed two hygrometers in the bator and the ACTUAL humidity was like 60%.....couldn't get the Rcom to program correctly, so I just adjusted the humidity in my mind, and had a GREAT hatch.

    A week ago I set another couple of dozen eggs---some were bought but most were mine (so I know the eggs were good). Anyway, candled last night and only had 5 developing, and the veining on those were not as advanced as I knew they should have been. So, I put two thermometers and hygrometers in the bator and closed it back up. The d*mn temp was only 93 degrees!!! no wonder there was no develpment!!! and of course the humidity was way off.

    This bator is only 4 months old!!! Anyone else having major issues like this with their Rcom??

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