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  1. guyeshepherd

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    Oct 21, 2014
    Can anyone tell me what they think my birds have? I lost a pheasant to something that the vet couldn't identify, just said that it was dying from liver failure and put it down.
    Now I've got a juvenile peacock and a hen, in a different part of the yard, that might be suffering from the same thing: weakness, thin, unable to walk. They eat fine, poop appears normal color but runny. I have been treating the peacock with oxytetracyline, not really doing anything. Should I treat them for worms?
  2. Mulberry

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    Oct 14, 2014
    I would say yes definitely, and consult your vet its the best thing you could do if your vet not as helpful as should be find a new vet. It's seems they got something nasty.
    (My vet comes to the house even if I call her at night) .
  3. casportpony

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    When my peafowl are sick I treat for many things all at once.

    • Coccidiosis with Corid
    • Worms with Safeguard
    • Blackhead with metronidazole
    • E.coli with Baytril

    Once they get to a point where they can't walk and are thin they are usually very close to dying, so I would call your vet and talk to him about the four thing I mentioned. I also provide supportive care with tubed and subcutaneus fluids, and once hydrated, tubed baby bird food.


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