Sick Pekin Duck- Can anyone help?


10 Years
Sep 27, 2009
We have 5 pekin ducks that we got last spring when they were days old. We've determined that there are 4 female and 1 male, and the females recently started laying eggs. We have a pond, but they prefer to stay on the edges and not swim. They have a little fenced area with a wading pool, and they swim in this area. This is where they eat, lay their eggs, and we put them in it at night to keep them protected. Today, one of our females suddenly got sick. We found her this morning floating in the wading pool, and she looked dead. She doesn't have any injuries that we can see, and she was perfectly fine yesterday. We read that she could have an impacted egg, and we checked as best we could figure to do, but we don't see any signs of an egg. She can't stand up, she's not quacking, she's not eating...and we don't know what to do for her. There was a storm last night, but they have cover in their pen...These are our first ducks, so we're completely new to this, and we have no idea what to do for her. Can anyone offer any suggestions of what may be wrong...and what we can do? Can a regular vet see her? Thanks so much for any help. Our children are so upset, and we feel powerless to help the poor duck!
Thanks for the help. She seemed a little better late last night, and we had found a couple of vets in our area that see birds...but she didn't make it through the night.
It was just so sudden. Hope it's not something that the others can 'catch'.

Thanks again.
awww... wonder what happened?

If it stormed do you think she went in? I've heard that ducks don't always go in for shelter being water proof and all. Any chance lightening struck around her? Or it rained so hard she got water in her lungs? I've heard of chickens drowning like that because they didn't go into shelter and the rain went in their nostrils?

So sorry for your kids and your loss. Happy to hear she wasn't your only one. yikes, we only have 2, one for each daughter... I better get more.

and welcome to BYC.

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