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    May 20, 2007
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    Ok so over the last few days we have lost 2 pheasants and now we have 3 more that arent doing so well. They have been picked at and I think it is because they become less active than the others. Well we isolated them in a smaller brooder and I noticed that there was a very dark watery poop in there. I am pretty sure that it was bloody. The pheasants also have swollen butts and bloody spots from being pecked. I think that they may have coccidosis. can I give them some medicated chick starter mixed with the game started that isnt medicated. I know that pheasants are prone to getting it as well as chicks. or is there something else that I should try to get them. I live in a very rural area and I dont know how much of this stuff will be available. Will the chick starter hurt them? I know that it doesnt have enough protein for them but will it work to help this situation?
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    The med feed wont help at this point if they have cocci, you need to get corid or amprol or some other med to mix into there water.

    This will work and you can treat as recommend on the one you choose.

    I also would advise to do a second treat about 10 days after the first.


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