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Jul 5, 2011
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I posted this in the chicken part of the forum but got no response:

I started treating my two poults with Duramycin-10 7 days ago. Their symptoms were sneezing and they looked feverish. A little bit of blood in droppings but cleared up after 3 days on abx.

They're still sneezing but not feverish. They eat a ton and have grown quite a bit in the last week. The thing that concerns me is that their nostrils are very dark. I'm assuming this is a side effect of whatever respiratory infection they have but I'm wondering if any of you have seen this.

Eating, drinking, active
Less resistant to cold than my other poult, but raised differently. Also less fully feathered and smaller (same age).
Sneezing, snotty noses
Maybe swelling on lower face, but if so only slight
no discharge from eyes.
nostrils are turning very dark

Sounds like you are doing what you can. I'd probably continue medicated starter (and I'd spend the $10.00 to have the vet perform a fecal float of droppings). I'd be keeping a very close eye on the rest of my poultry (any similar signs/symptoms appearing over the next month).

I'd also ask the feedstore about which hatchery they order from (or if they order from hatchery(s) and/or local breeders).

Post up some shots of poult's heads (swelling/discoloration of nares).
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