Sick pullett, crop problem - URGENT


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Feb 26, 2007
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Faith is a 22 week old Seckled Sussex pullett. I noticed that she has seemed listless and not interested in treats over the last week and I saw her "heaving" like she was trying to throw up. Today she was up in the coop and I was petting her and noticed that her crop was huge and felt like it was full of liquid. I picked her up and gently held her by her feet and supported her crop area and there was a lot of whitish thick liquid that came out of her mouth, well over 6 oz of it. I lifted her up regularly to let her rest and she didn't seem too stressed. When no more liquid came out, I put her down and petted her some more. There is still a mass of stuff in her crop and I can feel something like sand.

Anyone know what is wrong with her and what I can do? She's a real sweetie.
I wouldn't tip her like that again because she can aspirate and die from the liquids going down the wrong pipe. Impacted crop- try scrambled eggs saturated in olive oil-dripping really. let her eat it. wit about 10 minutes and gently massage her crop all over..Then focus on bottom of crop to help loosen up what is stuck. Hopefully by letting her rest for teh 10 minutes then massaging the oil has moved down to where it needs to be-to get the crop opened up-good luck-
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It took a long time and for a while, it seemed like she had just given up, but I kept massaging it and trying to get her to eat anything with oil. She was so thin that It was just bones and feathers, but she pulled through
. She has been eating more and has gained most of the weight back. She seems normal now. Is this a recurring thing that I'll have to watch for?
Woohoo! Go Faith! You did a great job. There seems to be no "prevention" for sour or impacted crop (not an expert here though) other than using APV and giving plain yogurt as a treat. Those two things help with sour crop.
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You never know:( Just watch what she is getting a hold of eating..first sign of it again start with soft foods again to get the mass moving... Im so happy for you! congrats!

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